Happy Birthday to you, and you, and you: 3 siblings share same birthday

If you are the parent of multiple children, you might sometimes wish that you could get all their birthday parties and birthday planning done all at once.
For one family in New Jersey, this is a dream that has become a reality. The three siblings in the Lopez family of Red Bank all have the same exact birthday – Nov. 30.
The siblings are not triplets – they are all different ages. Josevic turned 7 years old, Serali turned 4 and LeOmar, the youngest, turned 2 years old.
Josevic says that he doesn’t mind sharing his birthday with his younger siblings.
“I like that we all spend time as a family,” he says. “Gatherings, things like cleaning.”
The siblings say that they all like Ellen DeGeneres and hope to one day be on her show to show off that they all have the same birthday.
Parents Jannette and Raul Lopes say that it’s easy to streamline party planning. And they say that so far there isn’t any jealousy among the trio.
News 12 New Jersey spoke to NJIT Professor of Mathematics and Associate Dean Bruce Bukiet, who ran the numbers and calculated the odds of three siblings having the same birthday as 1 in 133,000.