Hanover Township school district repeals policy banning schools from outing transgender students

A policy created to protect transgender students in grades K-8 has officially been repealed in Hanover Township Schools.
Policy 5756 was introduced in the state in 2018. It bars schools from outing transgender students to their families. Its goal is to help schools create an inclusive environment and guidance for transgender students. Several other school districts in New Jersey have opted to scrap the policy because it isn’t mandatory.
Christopher Mattessich supports the repeal. He says the policy strips parents' rights.
"...repealing the policy does not remove the New Jersey laws against discrimination rights that transgender people have,” he says. “This is simply a matter of keeping information away from the parents and by repealing this policy, it invites parents to be part of the situation.”
Those against the repeal, like Christina Dunne, say the decision is anti-LGBTQ.
"We feel very strongly that we have to protect transgender students, they’re the most vulnerable out of any students so we’re here as their voice,” she says.
The policy was adopted in Hanover Township Schools in March of 2019. It was repealed on Sept. 11 of this year and reaffirmed Tuesday night.