NJ Superior Court prohibits transgender notification policies in 3 school districts

A state Superior Court judge has granted an injunction prohibiting the policies of several Monmouth County schools that some say would out transgender students.
The Marlboro, Manalapan-Englishtown and Middletown school districts enacted the policies this spring under which teachers will notify parents, in most situations, if a student comes out as transgender.
This would come if a child seeks an accommodation to change their pronouns or name. The injunction prohibits the policy from taking effect in the upcoming school year, which is just weeks away.
Attorney General Matthew Platkin quickly filed suit after policy changes in the districts passed, saying those policies violate state discrimination laws and put transgender students at risk.
Platkin applauded the decision.
“As we have argued from the start, it is likely that these new policies violate the rights of our most vulnerable residents by discriminating against them on the basis of gender identity or expression,” Platkin wrote in a statement.
Platkin also stated that neither his office nor the state wishes to keep parents in the dark about their children.
“All our lawsuits seek to do is to reinstate the same policies these districts found acceptable with little protest for years. Put simply, we can both keep parents informed about their children’s development and protect the civil rights of our most vulnerable students. Our laws require nothing less,” Platkin wrote.
Protests have happened in multiple places since they policy was introduced. Opponents say the policies could jeopardize their safety at home.