Hampton Bays High School forced to drop varsity football due to lack of older students

Hampton Bays High School is dropping varsity football this season due to a lack of upperclassmen.
Sean Gil, varsity coach for the team, says the decision to cancel the sport was made after it was clear that there were not enough older students trying out for the team.
"Our hearts go out to the seniors unfortunately that are unable to play," Gil says.
Some of those seniors, like Zachary Bahamondes, say it's another disappointment in a school career that was dramatically affected by the pandemic.
"It stinks that we won't be able to experience it this senior year, but I was glad to experience it while I did," Bahamondes says.
Instead, he will be playing on the varsity golf team.
Hampton Bays athletic director John Foster says there still will be a season for the junior varsity football team.
The junior varsity football team won their first game against Greenport.
They play Southampton on Monday.