Hamilton Twp. residents say limit is too speedy

Some residents on a Hamilton Township street say the legal speed limit is tailor-made for lead foots.
While some residential streets have a speed limit of 25 to 30 mph, East State Street Extension between I-295 and Nottingham Road has limits of 40 to 50 mph. Residents on the wide two-lane road say the high speed limits sometimes make it hard to back out of their driveways. Resident Trina Sergeant says she is also concerned about the safety of neighborhood children.
?Considering the fact people totally ignore every sign on the street, I?m really surprised a child hasn?t been seriously injured,? Sergeant says.
Sergeant adds that there have been several accidents in front of her house. She also says her mailbox was totally destroyed. She feels the town needs to treat the neighborhood like every other and lower the limit to a safer 25 mph.
Hamilton Township officials say they are working with the state to have the speed limit lowered to 40 mph. However, they say there are no plans to lower it more than that because the street is too wide.