Haddon Township man continues 'World Walk' following friend's death

A Haddon Township man is continuing his trek across all seven continents.
Thomas Turcich has walked 18,000 miles across 38 different countries in the past five years.
The New Jersey native started what he called "The World Walk" following the death of a friend.
"I realized I wanted to experience the world in the deepest most immersive way possible," Turcich says. "And walking around the world seemed like the best solution to that."
Turcich has walked in Argentina, Denmark, Spain, Antarctica and many other places. He says he averages about 21 miles a day.
"The World Walk" has had its challenges. Turcich says in Costa Rica, the heat was so bad that the soles of his shoes melted off.
He says those instances are balanced by other peoples' kindness, including the company of his best friend Savannah.
Turcich says he has also learned a valuable lesson from his walking.
"I can only walk so much in a day," he says. "And I think that's an important thing that can be applied to just about everything in life, which is do what you can do in one day, be satisfied and then try again the next day."
Turcich says he has about two years left on his walk. He is currently in central Turkey.