Hackettstown police investigate string of catalytic converter thefts

Hackettstown police are investigating a string of catalytic converter thefts that happened between Friday and Tuesday in the overnight hours.
They say catalytic converters were stolen from three different cars parked in residential neighborhoods, including Church, Madison and East Prospect streets.
Officers and residents say this is uncommon for this section of Hackettstown.
Hackettstown Police Lt. Darren Tynan said this is the first string of catalytic converter thefts he's seen in the area.
“We had an issue earlier this year where we saw catalytic converters stolen from several Amazon delivery trucks, that happened on Willow Grove Street,” he added.
Police are still searching for a suspect. In the meantime, they ask residents to be cautious by parking in a well-lit area or in a garage.
“They also can put alarms now, sensors on the catalytic converters that’ll make the car alarm go off. So we're just trying to make the public aware that this is a nationwide thing that is going on, but it can happen anywhere,” Tynan said.
Anyone who might have information about the thefts should call Hackettstown police at 908-852-3300.