Gov. Murphy delivers first in-person State of the State address in three years

Gov. Phil Murphy delivered his first in-person State of the State address in three years.

News 12 Staff

Jan 10, 2023, 2:26 AM

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Gov. Phil Murphy delivered his first in-person State of the State address in three years.
“We are building the next New Jersey. A New Jersey ready to lead the way to our nation,” Murphy told News 12 in an exclusive interview after his address.
The governor delivered Tuesday’s address from the New Jersey State House in Trenton.
“We are stronger and we are fairer. We are moving confidently in the right direction. Forward,” Murphy said in his speech.
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Murphy expanded on his plans for the state in a one-on-one interview with News 12 after making his address. Among his plans is overhauling the state’s liquor licensing for bars and restaurants.
“You look at other states that have done this, it’s been transformative. Main Streets have been transformed. So the opportunity here is enormous,” Murphy said.
The governor also reacted to a federal judge declaring part of his new gun reform law unconstitutional.
“I’m not shocked,” Murphy said, adding that he will fight the decision.
Murphy also discussed the COVID-19 virus and says that it has transitioned from a pandemic to an endemic.
“At the veterans homes, we mourn every single loss of those lives,” he said.
The state’s property tax program known as ANCHOR will send nearly $2 billion to New Jersey homeowners. Renters will benefit for the first time as well. But this fall, residents who attempted to call the state’s hotline to get information on the program swamped the lines and couldn’t get through.
“We probably didn’t put enough manpower on it, honestly, because the demand has been so overwhelming,” Murphy said. “We just extended the deadline until the end of February.”
New Jersey’s Republican lawmakers objected to Murphy’s spending.
“We are Republicans that are working to protect your money and to protect your family’s way of life,” said state Assemblyman John DiMaio.
WATCH: Republicans respond to Gov. Phil Murphy's State of the State Address.
The Republican lawmakers said that the state should lower corporate taxes to help improve the business climate in New Jersey.
“We have the highest taxes, the most debt and the worst business climate in the nation. Every year, when national rankings come out, New Jersey is dead last,” said state Senate Minority Leader Steve Oroho.
Murphy said that he wants to make New Jersey the No. 1 state in America in which to live, work and raise a family.
“That’s our bumper sticker,” Murphy said.
The governor will return to the State House in seven weeks for a speech to present his budget.
Special guests at the State of the State included four Ukrainian soldiers who were wounded while fighting against Russia.

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