Gov. Murphy ‘white hot mad’ protesters were able to gain access to Lunar New Year celebration

The governor expressed anger in a text sent to his staff that he also inadvertently sent to NJ Advance Media.

Matt Trapani

Feb 14, 2024, 10:43 PM

Updated 62 days ago


Gov. Phil Murphy was seemingly furious with his staff following an incident at Drumthwacket on Monday evening. The governor and his wife were apparently accosted by two protesters during a Lunar New Year celebration.
Video clips posted on social media show the protesters calling on Murphy to disband the New Jersey-Israel Commission because of the war in Gaza. The governor could be heard saying, "We're not gonna do that."
It was not clear how the protesters gained access to the event.
Murphy himself sent a text to his staff and inadvertently included NJ Advance Media on the thread.
According to the publication, the text read, “Two young women screaming at Tam and me re Gaza. Taping. Accusations of our people touching them. Ugly and ruined the event. We are white hot mad that this could have happened. Who are they. How did they get in. Protocols going forward, including security. Absolutely furious.”
Murphy’s deputy press secretary issued a statement that read in part, “We regret the disturbance caused to our guests during what was otherwise a joyful celebration. In light of yesterday’s incident, we are reevaluating our event protocols.”

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