Gov. Murphy, US secretary of education tour NJ school to address efforts to return to in-person learning

Gov. Phil Murphy and U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona toured Bergenfield High School Wednesday morning, as more schools across New Jersey prepare for a return to schools.
Cardona spoke directly to students, addressing national and local efforts to return to in-person learning.
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"What we did as a department was to make sure that when plans develop for the states, they consider addressing inequities that were exacerbated by the pandemic,” says Cardona.
Another point was the American Rescue Plan, explaining the local impact the $130 billion will have on the needs of New Jersey’s diverse school districts and schools.
"We've got over 600 different school districts and we've got over 800 districts or so,” says Murphy.
The governor thanked Cardona, as well as President Joe Biden, saying the funds will help schools without burdening taxpayers. The governor today also addressed something superintendents, staff and parents want more clarity on: if students will have to wear masks come fall.
“As of this moment in time - given vaccinations have only just begun for the 12- to 15-year-olds and we don't have an authorized vaccine for the under 12 yet, my guesses trying to predict today . . . yes,” says Murphy. “Having said that, we put our guidance out in June of last year for what reopening would look like, and we tweaked it a number of times between June and September. I'll put on my epidemiological having to say three months from now, models will be five lifetimes in a pandemic. So, the answer is absolutely, are minds are open.”
Murphy says 95% of the state’s students have returned to in-person learning in some capacity.