Gov. Murphy urges legislators to pass comprehensive gun safety package

Gov. Phil Murphy urged legislators today to take action in the coming weeks and pass a comprehensive gun safety package that was initially proposed by the governor in April.
The package would be the third wide-ranging gun safety package signed by Murphy since taking office if passed and signed into law.
Murphy was joined for the announcement by Speaker Craig Coughlin, Sen. Pat Diegnan, Assemblywoman Joanne Downey, acting Attorney General Andrew J. Bruck and gun safety advocates.
"Over the past four years, all of us working together and as I said this is in the category of it takes a village, reasserted New Jersey's principal leadership in the national fight for gun safety," says Murphy.
Some of the items included in the plan are requiring firearm safety training, mandating safe storage of firearms, and banning .50-caliber firearms.
"We know this stuff works and will make the state safer for our kids and for everybody else," says Murphy.
The proposal continues to draw criticism. Scott Bach, executive director of the NJ Rifle and Pistol Clubs, tells News 12, "Murphy's proposals attack gun rights instead of gun criminals and do nothing to make the public safer. They are a thinly veiled assault on the Second Amendment and nothing more."
In a joint statement, Assembly Members Hal Wirths and Parker Space said, "Gov. Murphy is not increasing penalties on those who use firearms to rob and maim, none of these measures are going to lower crime in New Jersey but create new burdens on legal gun owners in violation of their constitutional rights."
Murphy maintains the measures have bipartisan support.
"This is very much not treading on the Second Amendment and very much doing things that we know based on research from our own reality and what we know works around the country," says Murphy.
Murphy says despite challenges, his goal is to have these laws passed by the end of the legislative session.