Gov. Murphy tours flood-damaged areas of Little Falls

Gov. Phil Murphy was in Passaic County Monday to survey the damage caused by flooding over the weekend.
Parts of the Jackson Park section of Little Falls saw more than 3 feet of flood waters after the Peckman River overflowed. 
The mayor of Little Falls says that nearly 200 homes were flooded out by Saturday’s rainstorm, including the home of a man who only just moved in a week ago.
“One week into my move, I’m basically going to be homeless in two weeks,” says the homeowner. “We had to find a house very quickly. I have a very large dog so we had to find a house. We couldn’t rent anymore.”
Nearby Woodland Park also saw about 200 homes with flood damage. Murphy says that help is coming.
“We've got to get used to the fact we're in a new reality and we've got to do something about it. In the here and now, I promise the mayors and the legislators and members of council and most importantly the members of this community, we're going to look at every available option,” he says.
Murphy says that some of those options could include help from the federal government.
The governor’s office is also looking into reports that cars that were washed away from a nearby car dealership caused a damming situation in the Peckman River, exacerbating the flooding.