Red Bank Regional High School switches back to all-remote learning

All school administrators and parents across New Jersey know that their plans need to be able to change at a moment's notice, and two examples are in North Plainfield and Red Bank.

News 12 Staff

Nov 19, 2020, 7:30 PM

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Red Bank Regional High School is one of the latest schools to switch back to all remote learning. 
Red Bank Regional isn’t seeing transmission within the district, but the state as a whole is seeing cases in schools continue to rise.  So, students are back to learning remotely even as some neighboring schools continue in class instruction. 
In an update on the district's website, Superintendent Louis Moore says there was no evidence of transmission within the school, but, “Unfortunately, because of the high transmission rate in our community, and a significant number of our students testing positive for the virus this week, in-person learning will be suspended. I realize that this news is disappointing and frustrating. I share these sentiments."
Courtney Obecny lives across the street in neighboring Fair Haven, a different school district, but she understands the decision.
“I think they’re trying to make the best decision they can to try and make everybody safe and healthy so I’m sure there is a lot of thought behind everything,” says Obecny.
Gov. Phil Murphy says cases in schools were anticipated, but that they're mostly linked to out-of-school activities.
"We remain confident in the protocols in place to protect the health and safety of our schools and educational communities protocols, which are catching cases early and quickly to limit the spread within a school,” says Gov. Murphy.
Red Bank Regional High School, like many schools that have made a recent switch to remote learning, hopes to have students back in the classroom the Monday after Thanksgiving.

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