Gov. Murphy says not to expect any changes to state’s reopening any time soon

Gov. Phil Murphy said on Wednesday that New Jersey residents should not expect any big reopening news any time soon. It comes as other states reopen further.
California Gov. Gavin Newsom says that the state will be “business as usual” by June 15. Connecticut has 100% indoor dining capacity. But New Jersey seems to be left behind.
The governor says that it is still too early to reopen and to not expect any major changes in the near future.
“Reopening is not a yes or no issue,” says New Jersey medical advisor Dr. Eddy Bresnitz. “It’s really more of a sliding scale that can go up or down.
Murphy won't commit to a reopening timeline, but said the vaccination effort means things like indoor dining and gatherings could change by Memorial Day.
“Capacities that will be more liberal, I’ll be you we’re not going to be turning our back on face coverings by Memorial Day. Indoors at least,” Murphy said.
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But health officials are already concerned about variant surges this summer and beyond.
“I know we’re talking about the spring. But I’m already looking ahead six months from now. So what’s going to happen when we come back into the fall?” Bresnitz says.
But the governor says that New Jersey residents should maintain hope.
“We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our vigilance getting vaccinated and our vigilance on doing the basic stuff is going to get us to that light sooner than later,” Murphy said.
California will not be lifting its mask mandate. But states like Texas and Arizona have stopped requiring masks.