Dr. Fauci praises NJ for coronavirus response during Facebook Live chat with Gov. Murphy

Dr. Anthony Fauci joined Gov. Phil Murphy Thursday for a Facebook Live chat about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
Fauci says that the Garden State can continue to gradually reopen its economy even with the fall and winter months coming.
“You suffered greatly, but then what you did to get the infection rate and all the other parameters down to a baseline is now positioning you to do a number of things,” Fauci said.
He said that a second wave in New Jersey is likely to be less severe because the state is starting off from a good point.
Fauci said that New Jersey is also handling the reopening of schools “prudently and carefully.”
“If you maintain the level of infection that you have right now with a plan of how to deal with when a child gets infected, I think you’re going to be in good shape,” Fauci told Murphy. “I think ultimately you’re going to be able to get more and more advancing.”
Fauci reminds New Jersey residents that it’s important to continue wearing masks and social distancing with the colder months coming up.