Girl who survived dog attack starts cookie company to help fund reconstructive surgeries for kids

At only 8 years old, Cameron King is doing charity work the best way she knows how – by baking and selling cookies.

News 12 Staff

Aug 12, 2021, 2:40 AM

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At only 8 years old, Cameron King is doing charity work the best way she knows how – by baking and selling cookies.
The Westfield resident is using part of the proceeds to help fund reconstructive surgeries for children. She started the effort following a dog attack that left her injured.
“I make like s’mores, key lime and tons of other ones,” King says.
Cami’s Stuffed Cookies went into production this past January. King says that she bakes the cookies for a good cause and is specific about which organizations she donates to and why.
“My poppa has Alzheimer’s and I got bit by a dog two years ago,” she says.
King was mauled by a Golden Retriever when she was 6 years old while attending her brother’s baseball game.
“The dog just hooked onto her mouth and ripped the lower half of her jaw completely open,” says King’s mother Kara King.
Kara King says that she taught her children to ask first before interacting with strange dogs.
“Cameron knows the rules, as we have always had pets and dogs. One of the biggest rules is just ask if the dog is friendly and ask if you can pet it,” she says. “And she did both.”
King was placed on a breathing machine and had to have reconstructive surgery that lasted just over six hours.
“The nerve that runs along the bottom half of your mouth that basically controls whether or not you smile, that nerve was also severed so they had to re-attach it,” King’s mother says. “They were hoping she would still be able to smile.”
King had to have 250 stitches and a year of physical therapy, but her smile was saved, and she was left with a little scar as a reminder.
Inspired by her own ordeal, King says she chose to help kids who, like her, need reconstructive surgery. Every month since Cami's Stuffed Cookies has been in business, 10% of its proceeds goes directly to Caring for Kids, part of the Plastic Surgery Foundation. Through donations, the organization can offer free reconstructive surgeries to disadvantaged children.
King also donates cookies to the Westfield Police Department as a way to thank officers for their service, especially on the day of her attack.

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