Gifted child: 6-year-old girl from Rockaway has IQ nearing Einstein’s level

Declan Lopez, of Rockaway, is a member of Mensa with an IQ of 138.

Naomi Yané

Dec 1, 2023, 1:43 AM

Updated 232 days ago


A New Jersey 6-year-old is proving to be head of the class with an IQ rivaling Albert Einstein.
Declan Lopez, like most kids her age, is energetic, curious and loves to play. But at just 6 years old, Declan is a member of the Mensa Society with an IQ of 138.
Mother Meachel Lopez and dad Delano Lopez say their little girl started showing signs of being gifted early on.
“We were like still in the hospital with her and [Delano] was like, ‘Is she holding her bottle?’” says Meachel.
Delano says Declan was hitting major milestones earlier than most children.
"Walking at like 8, 9 months, talking super early. Every milestone, everything that happened, it typically came at an earlier time,” Delano says.
The Lopez family says over time there were too many little moments that hinted at their daughter being a genius.
Meachel took to social media to find support groups for parents with gifted children. After being encouraged by other parents, Declan was tested by a neuropsychologist.
"All the doctors that she's met with have all said her brain is going to do what it's going to do. Don't push her, but she needs to be around as many like-minded individuals as possible to help her know it's OK, you're not the only one like this and give her support and help her understand that it's ok to shine sometimes,” Meachel says.
Declan was accepted into Mensa earlier this year. The Lopezes say they want to continue to support their daughter’s gift by finding a balance between letting her be a normal 6-year-old, while stimulating her intellect.
"The events that they offer for the young Mensans will be helpful for her so she can get around like-minded individuals because it’s tough and a little lonely sometimes for her and I just want her to have that experience of regular childhood things,” Meachel says.
Declan is a big sister to 3-year-old Maddox, who is also showing signs of being gifted. The Lopezes said he’s getting tested soon. They also say that Google and Alexa are helping them keep up with their gifted youngsters.

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