Giant sculpture of 'shushing' woman turning heads in Jersey City

A new art installation set to officially be unveiled in Jersey City later this month is already turning heads.
The sculpture named “Water’s Soul” stands 80 feet tall. It is said to be a young woman holding a finger to her lips in a state of silent contemplation.
“I think it might take a little getting used to,” said one passerby.
“I said it looked like the Pillsbury Dough Boy from the back…It looked like a big white blob,” said Carol Madden, of Bayonne. “Then I saw it. It’s wonderful.”
Water’s Soul was designed by artist Jaume Plensa.
Some Jersey City residents were confused by the sculpture’s message. Because the sculpture is facing Manhattan, some thought that maybe it is a way of telling New York City to pipe down.
It may even be a message for all of us.
“I thought she’s shushing every single body…Everybody has to shhh and relax and chill out,” said Madden.
Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop says that he has no say in the sculpture because it is located on private property. Most of the Newport section of the city is privately owned. But Fulop says that it speaks to Jersey City’s art scene.
“It’s a big presence. I mean, I wish we weren’t looking at the back of her head,” he says.
The sculpture will officially be unveiled on Oct. 21. The walkway around the piece is expected to be open afterward.
Plensa is in Barcelona and couldn’t be reached for comment. But he has said that the sculpture is meant to unite Jersey City and New York City.