‘You shore are beautiful’: Funny cards for your New Jersey Valentine

Express the depth of your love, the Jersey way, with these special Valentine’s Day cards.

Lanette Espy

Feb 13, 2024, 4:51 PM

Updated 70 days ago


Is New Jersey part of your love language? If so, there are some Jersey-centric Valentine’s Day cards you can share with that special someone, courtesy of the official New Jersey X account.
Express the depth of your love, the Jersey way. “Are you a jersey beach? Because you shore are beautiful," one card says.
Or how about: “I'll be the salt, pepper, ketchup to your bacon, egg and cheese.”
The New Jersey Department of Transportation also joined in on the fun and tweeted some specialized Valentine’s Day cards of their own.
Let your Valentine know how important they mean to you with this line courtesy of NJDOT:
“I’d let you merge in front of me."
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