Funeral held for Paterson police officer killed in line of duty

Funeral services were held Tuesday for a Paterson police officer killed in the line of duty this past weekend.
Officials escorted the casket of Officer Tamby Yagan to the mosque in Wayne where he worshipped. The 41-year-old father died Sunday in a car crash near Getty Avenue while on duty.
Hundreds of officers from across New Jersey arrived at the Circassian Benevolent Association mosque for the funeral.
"We are here to honor him," said Paterson Police Chief Troy Oswald.
A full honor guard brought Yagan’s coffin inside for the funeral service, complete with an NYPD helicopter flyover.
Chief Oswald said that Yagan was one of his best officers. Due to his gentle nature, he was often sent to homes of people who lost loved ones unexpectedly.
Yagan was a 13-year veteran of the Paterson police force, and had served as a volunteer firefighter in Prospect Park.
"Very, very outgoing. Friendly to everybody. Like a brother to everybody," said Douglas Struyk, of the Prospect Park Fire Department. "It was a big loss for our fire department when he left us."
This is the first line of duty death in the Paterson Police Department since 2007.
Yagan leaves behind a young son.
The cause of the crash is under investigation.