Full house: New Jersey mom gives birth to rare set of quintuplets

A Jersey City couple welcomed five new lives into their family last month when the mother gave birth to quintuplets.
New parents Abla Boutaba and Salim Mostefaoui and their 6-year-old daughter Safa, welcomed the five babies, born Jan. 6 at Jersey City Medical Center.
“I was scared. It was a lot,” said father Salim Mostefaoui. “[My wife] said she was waiting for one. When she found out it was five, she was very happy.”
About 50 medical professionals helped to deliver the babies, which all weighted under 2 pounds at birth. Doctors say that quintuplets are very rare – especially for all five to survive to full term. The pregnancy also happened without medical intervention.
“The odds there is 1 to 55 million to have natural quintuplets,” says Boutaba’s personal doctor Dr. Mohamed Esiely.
Boys Elmahdi and Elhadi and girls Nouha, Tala and Rouba remain in the hospital. But doctors say that all five are doing well and are growing.
The focus and challenges turn now from the medical to financial. The couple, both Algerian natives, has no other family here. Boutaba speaks very little English. Mostefaoui says he had to leave his truck-driving job since the babies were born.
“We are going to try to help them with organizations that deal with multiple pregnancies,” says Esiely. “This couple, they’ll need a lot of help.”
Boutaba is recovering from cardiac issues she developed due to the pregnancy. One of the babies had to undergo surgery last week, but he's doing better. But doctors say that they hope that some of the children will be allowed to go home in a few weeks.
A GoFundMe Page has been set up for the family to help cover the costs of medical expenses, a vehicle that can transport everyone and lots of diapers and formula.
Extended interview with Jersey City couple who are now parents to quintuplets