From all around New Jersey: News 12 crews were all over the Garden State to report on Zeta

As Zeta brought heavy rainfall to the Garden State, News 12 New Jersey crews were around the state monitoring the conditions.
Reporter Tony Caputo started off the coverage early Thursday morning in Metuchen, where he posted a video on social media from Grove Avenue. This is where the Department of Public Works employees had removed leaves Wednesday night to prevent them from clogging storm drains and causing flooding.
The rain remained steady in the area for most of Thursday, but no major flooding conditions were reported.
News 12’s Marci Rubin was in Hoboken – a city known to flood during a major rain event. She reported that the city was asking residents not to park on flood-prone streets, even after the storm ends, so that crews can clean up whatever messes are left behind.
Over in Newark, drivers were warned to avoid McClellan Street and Runiak Avenue due to flooding concerns.
News 12 viewer “Michelle” sent in a photo from Mine Hill showing a lot of rain but no major issues.
Another viewer also named “Michelle” sent in a photo from New Providence. She said that the conditions were quiet and calm and that the rain was just lightly coming down.
The impact from Zeta is expected to last through Friday and into early Saturday. Snow is possible in some areas of northern New Jersey.
News 12 New Jersey meteorologists say that once the storm moves past New Jersey, temperatures will remain cold. Icy conditions are expected Saturday in areas where there is standing water.