Hoboken flood protections put to the test as Zeta soaks New Jersey with heavy rain

Zeta brought over 1 inch of rain to New Jersey – and for flood-prone areas like Hoboken, the heavy rain put flood protection systems to the test.
The intersection of Harrison and First streets has been known for years to flood. Flood mitigation projects put into place in Hoboken since Superstorm Sandy eight years ago have helped, but with storms becoming more frequent and more intense, Hoboken officials are not just preparing before the storm, but for afterward as well.
“This is the second hurricane we’ve experienced this year and it’s the second hurricane on the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy in three years,” says Hoboken assistant business administrator and chief resilience officer Caleb Stratton.
Hoboken officials say that it doesn’t have to be a Sandy-sized storm to prompt 24-hour no parking signs in areas of the city known to flood. It has become part of pre-storm preparations for the city.
“The Department of Environmental Services has been out clearing catch basins from leaves or any debris,” says Hoboken director of environmental services and sustainability officer Jennifer Gonzalez.
City leaders also say that crews will be out cleaning up after any flooding that may occur – especially any sludge left over from when sewers may overflow. They urge all Hoboken residents to not walk through flooded areas of the street.