Former FDA commissioner says 'it's going to be a difficult fall and winter' as COVID-19 cases rise

There has been a surge of nearly 60,000 COVID-19 cases in the U.S., prompting a warning from the former head of the Food and Drug Administration.
The national seven-day case average in the U.S. hit about 59,500 this week, an increase of about 73% in almost six weeks.
"It's going to be a difficult fall and winter. I think we're about two or three weeks behind Europe, so we're about a week away from starting to enter a period where we're starting to see a rapid acceleration in cases and I think November and December are going to be tough months," says former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb.
Hospitalizations in the country are also rising, with more than 39,000 COVID-19 patients in facilities.
In a map of the U.S., there are no longer any states showing downward trends.
As the holidays approach, doctors are worrying that gatherings will help drive an already rampant spread. Experts continue to recommend maintaining social distancing and wearing masks when around others.