Fly high! Annual Atlantic City airshow to kick off Wednesday

The annual Atlantic City airshow will kick off Wednesday, with 300,000 people expected to attend.
The event, known as Thunder Over the Boardwalk,” will include the United States Air Force’s aerial demonstration team, “The Thunderbirds.”
The five men and one woman of the Thunderbirds go from city to city flying in a precisely coordinated exhibition. They will fly over Atlantic City for the 20th annual event.
The Thunderbirds were at the New Jersey Air National Guard on Monday to preview their acrobatics. The pilots are some of the best in the world.
"We spend a lot of time upside down. No. 5 spends the majority of the show upside down. That's why the number’s upside down on my uniform. It's upside down on my aircraft and really any time you see 5 in Thunderbird history you'll see the 5's always upside down. So learning how to fly upside down is a little challenging,” says Maj. Daniel "Thunder" Katz.
The Army’s Golden Knights Parachute team will also be a part of the show.
Practice day is on Tuesday, with the show being on Wednesday.