Flooding issues persist in northern Jersey communities

In one Fairfield neighborhood, the water is above knee level in several places as the Passaic River's waters have overflowed right into residents' backyards.

News 12 Staff

Apr 9, 2022, 10:00 PM

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Flooding stemming from Thursday's torrential downpours continues to be an issue in the northern part of New Jersey.
The Boys & Girls Club in Lodi is no stranger to flooding as it's still recovering from the impacts of the remnants of Hurricane Ida 7 months ago.
The Boys & Girls Club got hit again when waters of the Saddle River, a tributary of the Passaic River, went up and left the parking lot a muddy mess.
"We had no warning. We lost our van. Normally, we move our vehicles out and we were too late and couldn't get here in time to get the van. The river was already coming up. It was too dangerous," said Joseph Licata, CEO of Boys & Girls Club of Northern Bergen County.
On Friday, the club, which is the only afterschool program in the area, had to close to clean up the parking lot and the basement.
"For us to call parents at 10 in the morning and say, 'Hey, we're here but the water is not going down. It's not safe for us to pick up the kids, so we can't do it,' it's not what we want to do. It's not ideal. It's not helpful," Licata said.
In one Fairfield neighborhood, the water was above knee level in several places as the Passaic River's waters overflowed right into residents' backyards.
Homeowner Esther Rosario and her family have lived in their home on Horseneck Road for 12 years and she said this is nothing new for them.
"We are used to it at this point. We've been flooded out of our house four times where we can't come in and out of our house for about a month," Rosario said.
"When it gets too high, sometimes we have to leave and we have to go to my grandma's house," added 8-year-old Lilliana Rosario.
"We're used to water in our yard, so back here, this is typically dry and then all of a sudden within a week, the water just comes, so it takes one big storm then all of a sudden, the Passaic River comes into our house," Esther Rosario said.
Several North Jersey towns were still in clean up mode on Saturday morning and earlier threats of more flooding were imminent along the Passaic, but it looked like the water was as high as it was going to get on Saturday night, barring significant rainfall.

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