Flight delays, cancellations due to weather and staffing rise. Here’s what travel experts recommend

There are more flight delays and cancellations due to weather and short staff as we approach the spring travel season.
“We were supposed to be in New York for three days, but it cut it down to two days, so here we are,” says Lakisha Barnum, of Lakeland, Georgia.
Before landing in New Jersey, Barnum drove three hours from Georgia to Orlando, only to find out her flight was canceled with no explanation.
The Federal Aviation Administration says weather causes 69% of delays, with May through July being peak times of disruption.
“I have to pay out of my pocket to go to JFK, and that's costing me about $120, $150,” says Elmer Torres, of Colombia.
The Port Authority describes the weather disruptions as a domino effect throughout the country, affecting flights in airports all over. 
Even with all this going on, it doesn't keep flyers from packing their bags this spring and summer season. 
“I don't think so,” says Barnum. “I'm still going to travel because I love to travel, so I’m going to continue to travel."
Travel experts recommend checking your flight status before going to the airport so you don't get trapped there. If you're already at the airport, they recommend you go straight to the flight carrier's desk as soon as possible.
They also recommend calling an international helpline instead of a domestic one because you might actually reach them faster.