Firefighters battle brush fire Harriman-Bear Mountain State Park

Firefighters were called to put out a brush fire on the Bear Mountain Trail in the Harriman State Park on Monday.
On their Facebook page, the Thiells Fire Department posted photos and said they, and about a dozen other agencies, were sent to the Jackie Jones Tower are to fight flames burning across nearly three acres.
Crews struggled to extinguish the flames since the nearest water supply was about a mile east.
Firefighters had to hike a quarter mile into the woods and used specialized equipment such as small brush vehicles to reach the fire.
Eventually, firefighters established two fire lines around the fire with hand tools to prevent the spread and applied over 16,300 gallons of water on the fire before getting it under control. A cause of the fire has not been released yet.
Officials are reminding people to be very careful with lit cigarettes and campfires, which are a big risk during dry weather.  And if you have a campfire, use more water than you think is necessary when putting it out. They say it is better to be safe than sorry.