Financial woes, war in Ukraine pushing many Americans to high stress levels

Given the troubling images coming out of Ukraine, it is understandable that some Americans are feeling stressed, angry or even guilty.
“It really does churn all our emotions. It makes us feel – makes us feel very angry and very frustrated,” says clinical and political psychologist Dr. Bart Rossi.
Rossi says that it is OK to also be concerned and even complain about one’s own challenges at home like rising gas prices and inflation, while also acknowledging that it could be and often is much worse for other people.
“You need to express your frustration and agitation with the fact that these prices are going up and it’s going to hit me and hurt me and deal with it. That’s honest, that’s reality,” Rossi says.
Rossi says to also keep things in perspective while also doing what you can to help others. He says this will help people feel less stress and a bit less helpless.
Recent studies from the American Psychological Association found financial woes and the war in Ukraine have pushed many Americans to unprecedented stress levels.