Financial problems force Clifton school to close

Financial problems have caused the Broad Street Children's Academy in Clifton to suddenly close its doors for good.
Over the holiday break, parents of 87 pre-school students received letters from the school director saying the school was shut down. The letter was dated Dec. 24. The letter states St. John's Lutheran Church, which leases space to the school, may have made a deal with the Clifton Public Schools for more money.
However, the church says that's not so and that the school was having financial problems, which have now been passed along to parents. Some parents say the school now owes them thousands of dollars they paid for tuition and registration fees.
Parents also say they were not aware of the closing and should have been given more time to make arrangements. Now many parents will have to take off of work to try to find alternate schools for their children.
News 12 New Jersey spoke to two teachers who said they haven?t been paid for weeks.