Ferry service to NYC stalled due to frozen waters

Monmouth County residents who take a ferry to commute into New York City will have to find alternative routes after parts of the Sandy Hook Bay froze.
Temperatures in New Jersey have been below the freezing mark since Christmas, causing ice to form on many of the state’s waterways.
New York Waterway and SeaStreak have had to halt ferry service as a result.
Atlantic Highlands Mayor Ronda Le Grice says that she has lived in the town since 1989 and has never seen this much ice in the bay.
“I’ve seen a few cold winters. Many years back we were partially frozen, but this is unprecedented,” she says.
Ferry officials say that they hope that a change in wind direction will help push some of the ice out to sea. SeaStreak has also brought in a special boat designed to break up ice.
“It’s winter. It’s one of our coldest so far, but this too shall pass,” Le Grice says.
The ferry companies say that they hope service will resume by Wednesday.