Federal ban on flavored vaping products goes into effect; stricter state ban to follow

A federal ban on flavored vaping products went into effect Thursday. This ban is different from a stricter state ban on the products, which will take effect in April.
The federal ban means that stores will no longer be permitted to sell flavored pre-made electronic cigarette cartridges like those found in JUUL devices. Only tobacco and menthol flavors will be permitted under the federal ban.
The state ban signed by Gov. Phil Murphy last month will also include all flavors made in the vape stores themselves. Only tobacco flavor will be permitted.
Vape shop owners tell News 12 New Jersey that the state ban will likely force them out of business.
“Come April, that is really going to impact our sales,” says Brittney Monte with E-Cig Outpost. “Mostly every single one of our customers comes here because we made our juice in-house. They’re not going to be able to get their hands on it and that’s really going to hurt my business.”
The federal and state legislation on banning flavored vapes gained traction last year after more than 2,000 users became sick. The Centers for Disuse Control and Prevention determined most of those cases were from using illegal THC vape cartridges containing the chemical vitamin E acetate. These cartridges were apparently purchased off the street and not from licensed stores.
The state ban on flavored vapes goes into effect on April 20, 2020.