Farm owners use ‘political’ scarecrows to keep away deer

President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were spotted in New Jersey – just not the way most people would think.
The owners of a Cranbury farm say that they were tired of the deer eating their crops, so they put up two new scarecrows in their fields – one that looks like Trump and one that looks like Clinton.
Owner Patricia Kurek says that they really seem to work.
“I think they really did scare the deer. But some lady said, ‘They're enough to scare anyone away,’ but that's just fun,” she says.
The Kureks say that neighbors also seem to be enjoying the scarecrows – several drove by to wave and give a thumbs up as they passed.
“I took photos of them and posted them to Facebook. I thought they were very original. I ride in the rural countryside a lot and these are the most original scarecrows I've seen this season,” says Susan Matson.
Kurek says that the scarecrows have been such a hit that she may put up more soon. She says that former President Barack Obama is also a possibility.