Family of child hurt in fall from bleachers says school still hasn’t taken safety precautions

The family of a child who was injured after falling 15 feet through a set of bleachers says that the school district still has not taken the proper safety precautions.
Ashley and Stacey Brooks say that their 3-year-old son was seriously injured when he fell through the bleachers at Wayne Valley High School last year.
The family says that Wayne Township School Board members have not made the right safety precautions after plans for new signage on the bleachers were proposed with no other safety alternatives.
“The first [rule] says children must have parents or adult supervision at all times while on the bleachers. Do not enter or climb on the bleachers,” says board member Catherina Kazan.
But the parents say that the signs are not good enough.
“Presenting signage as a solution for these hazardous bleachers is unacceptable. You are disregarding the dangers they pose contradicting all of your commitment,” says Stacey Brooks.
The board says they could not replace the bleachers due to lack of funding.
The Brooks family says they have presented cost-effective options. But as of now, no further safety precautions are being implemented in the new school year.