Experts: Be mindful of pets during warm temperatures

As temperatures continue to rise around New Jersey, animal experts are warning pet owners to be mindful of their animals during the anticipated heat wave. 
The North Bergen Police Department made a post on social media warning animal owners to be careful with their animals outside in the heat. The post said that if a pet owner can’t put their hand on the hot pavement for more than five seconds, it is too hot for their dogs to walk across the same surface.
“Dogs' paws can burn. Just think about yourself. If you can't walk outside barefoot on the pavement, it burns your feet, it can burn your dog's feet,” says Dr. Elizabeth Reese of the Edgewater Animal Hospital.
Reese also says that owners should watch out for heat stroke in their pets.
“Just making sure the water bowl is constantly filled, and they're in a cool space, preferably with some good ventilation,” she says. “If they are outside make sure they have access to shade.”
“Some dogs don't know when to stop. Like him, he doesn't know when to quit,” says pet owner Nerio Torres about his dog, Thor. “He’ll exhaust himself to the point where he can’t even walk back home. So the best thing to do is to bring a lot of water with you.”
The heat and humidity may make temperatures feel well above 100 degrees this weekend. Pet owners are also warned to never leave their pets inside of a locked car unless the air conditioning is running.