Ex-probation officer testifies against former Warren County sheriff

A former probation officer revealed a damning testimony Wednesday as she spoke about former Warren County Sheriff Ed Bullock.
Theresa Vliet spoke in court and said she had serious concerns about Bullock’s behavior as he now stands trial for sexually abusing young boys in his custody.
“He would give them back rubs,” she said. “I don't know if the kids, the juveniles, that he did that to were comfortable with it or not because they never, they never said. He also used to, in quotes, counsel them, close quotes, in his office. And the door was closed, and nobody was supposed to disturb him.”
Wednesday marked the first of three lawsuits filed by Bullock's alleged victims. They're suing Warren County, saying officials failed to protect them.
Bullock's other two victims want to testify in this case. The judge is expected to decide Friday if they'll be allowed to.