Ex-Army mother in child abuse case receives more prison time

The wife of an ex-Army major convicted with him of abusing their three foster children in New Jersey has been sentenced to additional prison time.
Carolyn and John Jackson's 2015 sentences of two years in prison for her and probation for him were thrown out by an appeals court.
Prosecutors had sought 19 years and 15 years.
A judge Thursday sentenced Carolyn to 40 months and John to three years' probation.
Prosecutors presented evidence at trial the couple beat their three foster children and denied them food, water and medical care.
The children suffered broken bones and were severely underweight when they were removed from the home in 2010.
One of the children died, but the couple wasn't charged with his death.
Defense attorneys argued the Jacksons' child-rearing methods might have been unconventional but weren't criminal.
AP wire services helped contribute to this report.