‘Every place is booked’: Dozens wait on line in freezing temperatures to get tested for COVID-19

It’s another day of long lines at urgent care centers in Monmouth County for people wanting COVID-19 tests, as the county prepares to increase the number of tests available at county-run sites.
It’s first come, first serve for around 80 open slots today at the clinic in Wall.
Not everyone is sick. Cole Rupp, of Jackson, says just wants to return to work, but he can't until he gets tested.
“I got here around 4:50 this morning, which is ridiculous to me,” says Rupp. “Everywhere I went online, every place is booked. Every place you can make an appointment is booked. I'm just trying to get back to work and I have to wait this long for a test. I don't think a sick person would want to be out here in 27-degree weather for three hours.”
Monmouth County first increased the number of tests available at each site from 100 to 150, and as of today, that has gone up again to 200 tests per site.
They've also added a new testing location this Monday at the Howell Township Emergency Annex Building.