Essex County’s first responders honored at 56th annual Valor Awards

Essex County's bravest were honored Tuesday for their courage in the line of duty at the 56th annual Valor Awards.
Forty-four police and firefighters were recognized for their commitment to serving their communities during the pandemic.
The Two Hundred Club of Essex County highlighted the heroic actions taken by first responders in 2020 and 2021.
Highlights included rescuing Tropical Storm Ida victims from dangerous floodwaters while another firefighter rescued a man from a house fire without full protective gear.
"I have read the summaries of the events that give rise to the awards that these men and women have received today. My only wish is that those in the public who criticize law enforcement as a whole or criticize public service, could hear your stories and see your acts of valor," said Phillip R. Sellinger, US attorney for the district of New Jersey.
Police and firefighters are nominated for the Valor Awards by their respective department chiefs.