Empty shelves? Staffing shortages related to Omicron still impacting grocery shelves

If you thought the Omicron-related supply chain shortages at supermarkets would clear up along with case numbers -- think again.
Pictures taken at a Flemington Walmart over the weekend prove many shelves are still far from fully stocked.  
Even as Omicron cases trend down in New Jersey, staffing shortages leading to supply chain problems nationwide continue.   
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Omicron is taking out workers who’d normally get products to stores, unloads trucks and then stock the shelves.
News 12 spoke with professor David Dreyfus, who teaches supply chain management at Rutgers Business School, two weeks ago when many hoped the COVID-19-related situation would be solved by now.
“If you are going to the store, certainly check around and see what others are finding,” says Dreyfus. “Ask friends or neighbors going to store to look for you for items that may be at a different store. You could of course call the store and see if they have a specific item in stock."
People in the food industry ask that consumers be patient while Omicron runs its course and they work to catch up