2020 election: More than 1 million voters in New Jersey have already cast ballots so far

More than one million voters in New Jersey have already dropped off their ballots for the 2020 election in the mail, at drop boxes, or in person at the county board of elections.
The number of votes is already 25% of the total voter turnout from 2016. Out of just under six million registered voters in the state, around four million cast votes in the 2016 presidential election.
New Jersey could see record levels of voting during its first mostly mail-in ballot election. The turnout so far could be on track to see levels not seen since 2008, when the state saw 73% of voters cast a ballot.
“I'm proud of New Jersey," says Arlene Pierce, of Toms River. "Yeah, a little surprised, but we've had great weather, so you better get out."
Pierce joined dozens of other people today at the Washington Street ballot drop-off, fulfilling their American right and privilege to choose their leaders. 
"It was great, it was easy, great location, and it's a nice day," says Pierce.
Voting registration closed on Oct. 13, and it was back in August when Gov. Phil Murphy ordered all registered voters to receive a mail-in ballot.
In Ocean County, there have been some cases of people getting ballots meant for different towns, and the county clerk chalked that up to human error when trying to process more than 400,000 ballots.
Absentee ballot requests have also increased throughout the nation due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Experts say there is no recorded history of voting during a pandemic and early voting cannot predict who people are voting for.