Egg Harbor mother says home aide assaulted son who has autism

An Egg Harbor mother says a home aide assaulted her son who has autism.
Priscilla Quesada told News 12 her son Brandon, 22, was assaulted May 18 by a direct support professional she’s known for five years. It all happened while she slept just feet away, she says.
“You have no right. You have no right to touch my son like that, ever,” she said. “I ended up rolling back the tape, something made me do it, and when I did, I couldn’t believe what I saw.”
According to Quesada, Brandon is nonverbal.
After nearly eight years in group homes -- where Quesada says Brandon was repeatedly abused -- she brought him back home earlier this year. She says she installed safeguards and cameras for his protection.
“He’s in my home where he’s supposed to feel safer, Mama’s here,” she added. “And he’s being flung around like a rag doll for no other reason than staff wanted to watch TV, be on their cellphone and was annoyed because he wasn’t falling asleep.”
The support professional works for Friends of Cyrus, an autism and disabilities service agency based in Piscataway.
Police say the matter is being investigated but no charges have been filed.