EF-2 tornado displaces dozens in Mercer County, leaves massive damage in its wake

The National Weather Service says that winds reached between 110 and 115 mph during the storm's peak.

News 12 Staff

Feb 22, 2023, 10:41 AM

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Residents of a Mercer County apartment complex are still reeling after an EF-2 tornado touched down near their homes, leaving behind a trail of destruction.
The National Weather Service confirmed that the tornado touched down in the Quaker Bridge section of the county Tuesday afternoon. That tornado was on the ground for about six miles and winds reached up to 115 mph.
Residents say that it felt like something that happens in a movie.
“I Just heard this loud sound that kept going ‘woo woo,’ so I’m like, ‘That’s weird,’ so I checked the forecast, and I didn’t see that it said anything,” says Ana Mercado, a resident at Lawrence Square Village.
Mercado says that she and her family then sought shelter.
“Everything started shaking so we got really scared when we saw everything all over the place. So, we just decided to take cover. We went inside our middle room…just to stay safe,” Mercado says.
The Quaker Bridge section of Mercer County got the brunt of the damage. There were uprooted trees, damaged car, and damaged homes.
“One of my neighbor’s patio chairs hit my patio door, it slammed it,” says Mercado.
One resident told News 12 her family lucked out because the storm missed them by a hair, and they watched in shock as the tornado ravaged the rest of the complex.
“Within one movement, my cigarette flew out of my hand, the sky got darker,” says Judy Belisle.
Belisle says that she saw a large tree become uprooted and then more trees fall down.
No injuries were reported. The residents of the complex are now waiting on inspectors to see if the structure is safe for repairs.
The American Red Cross says it is assisting nearly two dozen families who were displaced. Some were able to retrieve their belongings but were unable to return to their homes for now.

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