East Orange woman searches for her lost dog that was taken

A New Jersey woman who lost her dog in December says she is hoping for him to return.
La Quanda Robinson says that her 11-year-old Shih Tzu Scrappy got loose on the day after Christmas. 
She says that a woman saw the dog wandering around busy East Orange Street and picked him up. The woman can be seen on surveillance video walking around to see if she could find the owner of the dog. But when no owner could be found, the woman apparently took the dog with her.
Robinson says that she’s thankful that the woman protected Scrappy, but now she wants him back.
"I thank her because God knows what could have happened. He could have crossed another street and got hit by a car,” Robinson says.
A nearby store clerk says that the woman came in to look for an owner and said that she would come back the next day.
“We noticed he was missing by 1 p.m. By 3 p.m. I had posters all up and down Grove Street, Main Street, Central Avenue. I put them everywhere. She didn’t come back,” Robinson says.
Robinson says that she took the surveillance video to the police, but they were unable to read the woman’s license plate number. She says that she has been looking for the dog ever since.
“I hope she has him as her pet. I hope she didn’t let him go and that he’s out here wandering,” Robinson says. “He’s a shelter dog. He’s a house dog. He’s never been on his own.”
Robinson says that Scrappy was not wearing a collar when he went missing.