East Brunswick students, staff quarantine following exposure to COVID-19

Students and staff at a school in East Brunswick are quarantining this week following exposure to COVID-19.
Victor Valeski, the superintendent of East Brunswick Public Schools, announced this week many of its staff and students are quarantining, but says the exposure to the virus happened outside the schools.
East Brunswick Public Schools have hybrid learning right now, and one case the superintendent says, had direct contact with teachers and students at East Brunswick High School.
Ten teachers and almost 30 students are quarantined as "close contacts." Valeski also says the close contacts illustrates the far-reaching impact just one case can have on schools.
In a statement, Valeski says, “I believe we have created very safe environments in all our facilities, with robust cleaning and sanitizing, supported by our well thought out protocols. “I cannot overemphasize the critical nature of immediate reporting of either positive COVID-19 test results or 'close contact' situations outside of school."
It's not known if any of the students or staff who are quarantining have tested positive. East Brunswick Public Schools ask that students and staff keep updating the district with any other cases to keep contact tracing up to date.