East Brunswick School District to cut 51 staff positions amid state budget cuts

The school district is looking at a $7.8 million budget gap.

Matt Trapani

May 15, 2024, 12:30 AM

Updated 14 days ago


The East Brunswick Public School District will be cutting 51 staff positions - including some teachers – amid state budget cuts.
School officials explained to parents that instead of getting additional state aid this year, the district is looking at a reduction.
Some parents and teachers who lost their jobs due to the cuts tell News 12 New Jersey they believe the layoffs may have been avoidable if the school board had been smarter when managing their finances. But Superintendent Victor Valeski says attempts were made to meet the budget without impacting personnel. But he says it was unavoidable due to the $7.8 million gap.
“I am confident that we did everything that we could possibly do to avoid this situation but ultimately…this was the only option available,” Valeski said.
The 51 positions being cut include 15 teaching positions.

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