Drivers could soon make an MVC appointment online under new bill

New legislation is moving forward in New Jersey that could help reduce long lines and wait times at local Motor Vehicle Commission offices.
New Jersey drivers who must conduct business at the MVC have been plagued by long lines ever since the offices reopened in July during the pandemic. Many have expressed frustrations for having to wait hours and still not getting their business completed. Others have taken to camping out overnight outside the location to reserve their place in line.
But a new bill would require the MVC to create a one-year virtual check-in pilot program that would allow drivers to make appointments at MVC offices online.
“Besides the labor department, I don’t know of any other department that has failed the people of New Jersey more than the MVC,” said state Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick - who is sponsoring the bill. “Drivers have waited for hours without any communication from the agency. There has been no social distancing in the lines and we are experiencing a public health emergency. Their response has been shameful.”
If the bill is approved, the pilot program would allow drivers to reserve a spot in line through the MVC website. They would be able to move up in the queue without being physically present and they could check in remotely from the parking lot or an in-person kiosk.
Bramnick also introduced a second bill that would allow drivers to reserve appointments at an agency through the MVC website and extend the expiration date on certain documentation if the next available appointment wasn’t until after the expiration.