'Don't fear the treat:' Breast cancer survivor creates business for healthy sweets

A breast cancer survivor and her daughter took a scary diagnosis, and used it to form a new business.
Angela Millin survived her battle with breast cancer and switched to a mainly plant-based diet to stay healthy.
However, she missed sweet treats and found nothing on food shelves. So she decided to create her own brand of tasty and healthy treats.
Pure Batch started with a bean-based brownie. Now the mother-daughter business has a line of organic, vegan and gluten free products with a headquarters in Hillsborough.
"Don't fear the treat is just that," Millin says. "It's been put together so you can have it. It's nutritious."
The mother and daughter say every ingredient in the facility can be eaten raw.
Pure Batch products can be found on their website and at some select grocery stories.
The Millins hope to be at larger retailers soon and plan to become more involved in research, fundraising and early detection awareness.