Donnell’s cool demeanor during nor’easter a hit on social media

It’s rare when reporters come across a man as cool, calm and collected as one of Brooklyn’s finest, Donnell aka @Brooklyn_Donny.
News 12’s Zhané Caldwell spoke with him during the morning on Saturday. He was looking into the distance and holding his cup of coffee and enjoying every minute of it.
“I’m just loving the snow. I’m from New York City. This ain’t nothing to me,” he said.
He had good advice for those that wanted to venture outside during the nor’easter.
“Stay at home and stay safe.”
The video was shared by filmmaker Ava Marie DuVernay (2.7 million followers) and actress Gabrielle Union (4.4 million followers). 
Donnell was nice enough to take a pic with Zhané after the interview.