Dog rescued from pipe in Secaucus

Firefighters made a dramatic rescue Sunday morning after a dog got stuck in a drain pipe while chasing a rabbit.
The rescue started Saturday night to save the female Dachshund mix, and firefighters worked until after dark. The dog was rescued just before 12 p.m. Sunday.
“We had to dig around the pipe a good six feet, and at that point we were breaking the pipe little by little, using caution of course for the dog, cause the dog's tail was sticking out,” said Capt. Guido Bravo, from the Secaucus Fire Department.
Firefighters say they were worried that a retaining wall of an old building next to the pipe was going to collapse.
They were able to secure the wall after making an emergency supply run to a hardware store.
Firefighters have stopped up the hole to the drain pipe to prevent other animals from getting stuck.